Stage 3 Integrated STEM Project

The Stage 3 Integrated STEM Project has adopted an integrated approach to teaching mathematics, science and technology in Stage 3 classrooms. The project aims to:

  • develop learning experiences through the use of project-based learning strategies
  • improve student learning through pedagogical change
  • provide schools with the opportunity to evaluate teaching and learning practices
  • trial quality integrated STEM programs in schools across NSW

Teachers from 35 schools working either as individual schools or communities of schools are involved in the project. Schools will document their journey in STEM education, highlighting their processes for embedding STEM in their school culture and in classroom teaching and learning practices. The focus is on developing working mathematically, working scientifically and working technologically skills through design processes, making connections across the NSW Mathematics K-10 Syllabus and NSW Science K-10 (incorporating Science and Technology K-6) Syllabus. Teachers will use design thinking methods to develop problems and find solutions, engaging their students in these processes as co-creators of the learning.

Integrating STEM learning allows teachers to place a greater focus on the general capabilities of our syllabuses such as: critical and creative thinking, information and communication technology capability and personal and social capability. Teachers create opportunities for students to have a voice and choice in the problems they solve while addressing the necessary outcomes. Teachers can provide flexible learning spaces where students can collaborate and communicate their ideas, building necessary interpersonal skills that are highly valued by future employees.

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