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Stage 3 STEM Projects

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Stage 4 STEM Projects

ambervale stage 4 STEM
canobolas stage 4 STEM
macarthur stage 4 STEM
water rocket stage 4 STEM

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Stage 5 iSTEM Elective

iSTEM is a Stage 5 (Year 9 & 10) school developed, BOSTES endorsed course (SDBEC) which aims to contextualise curriculum content using problem based learning activities. Read more about Stage 5 iSTEM Elective.

Principles of STEM Education

Six principles of STEM education pedagogy. Read more about Principles of STEM Education.

STEM Project-Based Learning

Project based learning provides an opportunity for real world connections to be made and contexts explored within the four disciplines of STEM. Read more about STEM Project-Based Learning.

Planning STEM Projects

Examples of curriculum planning for integrated STEM projects in primary and secondary schools. Read more about Planning STEM Projects.

Integrated STEM Framework

An integrated STEM framework development process for secondary education.Read more about Integrated STEM Framework.

STEM NSW YouTube Playlist

Further STEM NSW video resources