Emu Heights Public School

Reno rumble and Soups for sustenance

Students from Emu Heights will be co-presenting this session on their STEM journey about futures classrooms. Our driving questions were:

  • How can we make our classroom an effective and flexible 21 century learning space?
  • How can we create sustainable garden environments within our school and in turn help our school and local community?

The focus of our project centred on the idea of leading change by transforming teaching practice. By promoting a pedagogical shift to project-based learning, this enabled us to better support the ideals of 21st Century learning. This project has certainly impacted on how we teach, assess and plan teaching and learning across a range of KLAs. The opportunity to engage in authentic learning experiences, supported by the broader school community has provided students with opportunities to develop their skills in planning, collaborating, communicating, problem solving, critical thinking and decision making, and understanding how these skills play an integral role in their future as global citizens.